Clearwater Law Group

Lori M.

It was the best decision I made. We had about 5 employees and now we have about 22 people, and we did that during the pandemic.


Shawna S.

We're absolutely thrilled over the work that BrandCraft does; they're an incredible agency and we can't recommend them enough.

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What to expect 
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Discovery Session

  • Your company, history, how it started - we love talking to entrepreneurs and business minded people. 

  • Our history and our philosophy.

  • Your current business or marketing challenges.

  • What you/your company has tried, and what has or hasn’t worked.

  • Overall business goals - what you aspire to achieve,why, and is it measurable.

  • Why do you think an agency might help?

  • Which agency services do you believe are most beneficial?

  • Determine if we are a good fit, both in terms of capability and required investment.

Changing, hiring, and even vetting marketing agencies isn’t easy. Let’s make this a bit simpler. Our discovery session lets you ask questions and find out more about our agency without the high pressure sales pitch or polished presentations. A no strings attached first date where we get to know each other. If we decide it  might be a good fit, we move on to a strategy session with more detailed and polished recommendations on your goals. 

We don’t need to meet your parents. Let’s get to know each other and see if we have a future. 

Our first call is easy. 
No selling, no obligation.

Our first date. We’ll ask about or discuss:

Don't get married to another agency before talking with us. 

If things go well, we'll dive a bit deeper.  
We'll setup our next meeting and work on strategy and begin to define our relationship. 

  • Our Growth Strategist will take an inventory of your current marketing and brand assets/components so that we can follow up more detailed strategy and cost structure.
  • We’ll both check our calendars and set up a strategy session .